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Industrial Camera
Industrial-grade camera with high image stability, much higher transmission rate than civilian cameras, and a high level of protection
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Industrial Lens
The lens can trace the light captured on the camera chip. Together with cameras and light sources, industrial lenses can play an important role in determining image quality.
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Light Controller
Supply power to the light source, control the brightness of the light source and control the lighting state (on/off) of the light source, and can also trigger the signal to the controller to realize the strobe of the light source and prolong the life of the light source.
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Smart Code Reader
Mainly used for product tracking and traceability, production control, automatic identification, especially one of the hardware systems that constitute the "Internet of Things" together with the emerging RFID technology
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Visual Accessories
The security lens is an important device in the video surveillance system, mainly responsible for reflecting the outdoor surveillance scene onto a plane.
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